Technical Advantage

Being one of the largest foundries in India, SEACO has the technological prowess essential for exacting industry standards. Integrating two fully-automated high pressure moulding lines from Kunkel Wagner, Germany and a built-in quality control system for the Sand Plant, Press Pour and Auto Pour on the moulding line, ensures mass production with consistent quality. We work with the most advanced process control techniques and a state-of-the-art quality testing lab, which undertakes various quality control measures, analyses and reports as per every customer’s specific needs. To ensure that all our technological advantages are audited well, they are certified by the Indian Standards Organisation.

As a company that started as a machine shop, SEACO – MACHINING is a mature organisation that deftly handles a diverse product range including machining of Cast Iron and Aluminium to Steel Forgings that are used in various types of Automotive, Construction – Agri Machinery, Hydraulics aggregates. SEACO is also a manufacturer of a number of sub-assemblies such as Front Axles and Assembly Lower Links.

High Pressure Molding Lines

  • Two Kunkel Wagner High Pressure Molding Lines Commissioned with a capacity of 120,000 TPA With Box Size of
    • 1200 X 800 X 350/350
    • 800 X 600 X 250/250 (All dimensions in mm)

Melt Shop

  • Furnaces from Inductotherm with dual track induction melting and a capacity of 28 MT per hour
  • Pressure pouring machines with camera / vision automated pouring system
  • Both the lines are equipped with automated stream inoculation practice
  • Grey Iron and S.G. Iron of all grades

Sand Plant

  • Automated Kunkel Wagner sand plant having a capacity of 270 tonnes/hr with built-in quality controls supplying to both HPML lines

Core Shop

  • Cold Box Core Shooters and Shell Core Shooters sufficient for 10,000 MT per month, capable of producing critical cores for the manufaturing of Cylinder Heads, Water Jacketed Cylinder Blocks, Valve Bodies etc.


  • 100% in-house finishing of the castings with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes per month
  • Shot blasting technology from DISA and an automated paint booth for achieving high quality paint finish

Innovation & Development

Innovation is arguably our most coveted asset. As global economies, business models and customer preferences change, it is imperative to boost innovations. We strive to create unique products that will be game-changers in their respective industries. To constantly evolve and outperform one’s own benchmarks, one needs to embrace latest technologies. SEACO makes optimum use of leading global technologies and their application. This helps us develop critical, ahead-of-their-time products which redefine the whole industry. Besides, while innovation is of prime importance, we always think forward and design products that are greener, more efficient and deliver better performance.

  • Speed of development is a key factor for success
  • We encourage participation from our customers at various stages in the development process
  • A full-fledged development team with well qualified, experienced and competent engineers, who participate in designing, design optimizations and feasibility studies with customers
  • SEACO’s team also submits Value Engineering proposals to customers, for cost reduction and improvements in productivity
  • SEACO has a facility of White Light Scanning, CMM and LMM machines, through which the tooling & samples are checked & verified for intricate shapes & dimensions


As a part of our endeavour of contributing for future readiness and ensuring sustainability, for our motto of a we focus on the following initiatives:

  • Focussed approach for conservation of natural resources such as water
  • Use of LPG instead of diesel / oil fired furnaces
  • Reuse of water through an STP plant for green landscaping
  • Planned tree plantation for an improved working environment
  • Reduction in waste and eco-friendly waste disposal through authorised agencies
  • Rainwater harvesting

Quality Assurance

At SEACO, quality assurance and customer satisfaction is what we pride ourselves on. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is a by-product of excellence in product & process development, proactive approach to tackling quality issues, timely & positive responses to customer queries, cutting-edge technology & price competitiveness.

We aim to achieve customer delight through our world-class quality standards. Strict adherence to global OEM’s norms and requirements comes to us naturally. All our quality systems are compliant with the most up-to-date automotive quality system standards. Additionally, we’re constantly striving to listen to our customers’ needs, in order to deliver even better designs, performance, quality and cost competitiveness. Our efforts to bring in world-class quality practices with zero defect mentality only reiterate the fact that we are fully committed to quality & customer satisfaction.

We follow the following process

  • First Time Right Products Development Methodology
  • Continuous Improvement using Kaizen Drive

Testing & Validation

At SEACO, we have world-class, state-of-the-art testing and validation facilities. Being approved by global OEMs for validation of various components, these facilities help us consistently deliver high quality.

Testing for other automotive components such as Front Axle beam, Rear Axle beam, Stub Axle, etc. are also carried out. Fatigue testing capabilities include advanced facilities of strain measurement, crack detection techniques and complete metallurgical analysis of fatigue failure specimens. With these strengths behind us, we’re able to provide complete end-to-end solutions to our customers from conceptualization to designing and finally manufacturing, validation & testing.

Our Testing & Validation Process Include:

  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Testing
  • Dimensional Testing
  • Standard Room
  • Online Crack Testing As Per Customer Requirement Testing

C2A Approach (Castings to Assembly)

Defect reduction principles say that ‘The point of detection of defect should be as closer as possible to point of occurrence’. The biggest advantage of having foundry plus machining capabilities at one location is that any defects are detected within the plant. So, we’re able to dispatch only perfect units. To ensure that all our client’s requirements are attended to with utmost attention and delivered well in time, we don’t outsource anything. This ensures critical time saving and results in stronger business relations with our clients.

SEACO is a one-stop-shop solution for all casting and machining needs. With a very low lead time and a perfected bouquet of solutions, SEACO delivers high quality products at lightning speeds.